Jack The Piper is the artistic name of Giulliano Spitaletti. An Artesian living in south England dedicating his life for the solo craftsmanship work. The name was originally inspired by Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes novels. Jack was a sort of a detective going in adventures around London always with his pipe. Watch the movies in the playlist Ghost Of London
Then the channel and the Name Jack the Piper went through a transformation, from a youtube film novel into a professional craft's maker, Giulliano redirect his work towards the pipe smoking and man's wear sector. The youtube channel became the window for all his craft work. Making pieces such as, pipe accessories, tampers and jewellery.

? Who is Jack the Piper


- After I 'v worked all most 2 decades as a manufacture for the jewellery sector, I decided to create Jack The Piper Store

Jack the Piper Movies

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