Jack the Piper is a movie series on youtube created by Giulliano Spitaletti, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper and Dr Who. Living in the heart of London, this character is willing to revive the nostalgia of the old times. Walking around and showing the feeling of a deep, dark, and romantic city, with a touch of video-art . Jack the Piper is sort of an agent and time traveller, who is going around London to discover world's secrets and solve cases. Come along with Jack the Piper and travel with him into the weirdest adventures.

? Who is Jack the Piper

What is Jack the Piper Store

Jack The Piper Store is the online brand where Giulliano Spitaletti develops jewellery products


- After I 'v worked all most 2 decades as a manufacture for the jewellery sector, I decided to create Jack The Piper Store where I could make anything I want.

Jack the Piper Movies

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